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Chances are if you’re in the market to purchase property today, you will begin your search online. In fact, 88% of property buyers start their search online. Studies conducted in Australia are showing digital is an integral part of our everyday lives.

The second most common reason for using the internet during the decision-making process is searching for product information, which in a Nielsen survey was cited by 54 per cent of respondents. How property brands leverage this statistic to their advantage will become more and more pertinent as mobile usage becomes more a part of our every day lives.

Property marketers have an enormous opportunity to move into the digital space with mobile optimised websites, digital brochures, fly-throughs and even interactive touch-screens in display suites. Buyers want a strong understanding of the product before they visit the display suite and an enhanced experience when they do visit.

Here at LivingBrand, we have implemented a number integrated digital campaigns for property clients and are experts in property brands. For more information, check out some of our property work here or get in touch at

We had the privilege of developing the brand for the historic Minderoo Station and the Mustering Residences

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