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In Australia, by 2015 we are on track to have 1 out of every 5 website users browsing on a mobile device. 75% of Australians use their mobile phones to browse the internet on a daily basis. However, only 18% of businesses have mobile optimised websites. Almost 70% of Australians believe websites should be as easy to use on a Smartphone as any other device. Google has comprehensive mobile usage statistics available via this PDF.

How we as individuals and as an economy interact with brands online is evolving at an ever-growing pace in Australia. Researching events, accessing social media, shopping and purchasing tickets have become second nature on tablets and phones.

How do we ensure digital experiences are optimised for the user? Responsive web is the technique of designing and developing a website which is optimised for a range of devices and screen sizes, from mobiles to tablets to desktop computers. A device optimised experience allows users to enjoy content on whichever device they choose to use. Designing a responsive website is all about embracing a new way of thinking. Rather than creating and considering a singular experience, we create parameters that create an infinite number of experiences that respond to the wants and needs of the user.

From a traditional brand perspective, we might brand the packaging for a juice product. However, the same juice is consumed by different people in different contexts – so it is packaged in small to large sizes – juiceboxes to 2L bottles. It is the same juice but tailored to different experiences.

In 2013, We had the pleasure of working closely with RTR FM (A community radio station) to develop an online platform that truly aligns with how listeners are connecting with the RTR brand. We developed a site with the flexibility to create an engaging user experience on all devices and delivering the content users want to see in specific scenarios. From listening live on an iPad to easy ticket purchases on an iPhone. Designing mobile optimised websites lends itself not only to improved accessibility but also a stronger sense of hierarchy. The fluid layout and hierarchy creates experiences that are equally as engaging on all devices

In Australia 42% of consumers purchase products up to a few times a week via their mobile phone. In a recent study done by surf-wear brand O’Neil, it was revealed that during a six week period since launching their new mobile optimised ecommerce website – sales conversions on visitors to their website doubled and on Android devices quadrupled.

With 92% of the population predicted to own smartphones by 2017 and mobile internet usage for social media and shopping close to eclipsing their desktop cousins, the importance of mobile optimised websites becomes paramount. RTR FM, as a community radio station, is standing at the forefront of this change – addressing the desires of their listeners now and into the future. To see the LivingBrand RTR FM case study click here.



We had the privilege of developing the brand for the historic Minderoo Station and the Mustering Residences

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