Healthy Choices Healthy Futures

As a part of a multi-million dollar federal Government initiative to prevent health issues before the problem arises, Healthy Choices Healthy Futures cuts to the heart of improving what we eat and what we drink in the workplace. Drawing on the simple insight of small changes, one at a time, making big differences, LivingBrand built a brand imbued with a sense of simplicity and functionality. A small percent in change in how we eat and drink in the workplace can make a huge percentage of change. That’s the one percent difference. With an estimated 75% of workers in Australia overweight, the Healthy Choices Healthy Futures initiative hopes to change that, one small step at a time.

  • Client: Department of Health & Education
  • Brand: Healthy Choices, Healthy Futures
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Capabilities: Advertising, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Digital Design, Naming, Print

Small changes make a big difference

Food and drink in the workplace has the potential to contribute positively to workers’ health and productivity. Small changes such as encouraging the supply of healthier food and drink options throughout the workplace can make a big difference.

You're sweet enough already...

Did you know? Swapping a 600ml regular sugar cola drink for a 600ml diet cola drink saves 3.3kg sugar over a year